Discover the Best Strategies for Cell Phone Tower Leasing Negotiation

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Feb 6, 2018 · 2 min read
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Landowners who have cell phone towers mounted on their private often take a handsome pay home. However, for you to get an attractive deal, you will need to be an avid bargainer. If you ask too little, you might miss out a lot of income. On the contrary, if you ask for too much, the lease client may walk away. Keep reading here to discover how to go about cell phone tower leasing.

First, empower yourself with knowledge concerning cell phone tower leasing deals. The best place to start is seeking the assistance of a cell tower consultant. The expert will help you to know the payment forms you are eligible to get and how to calculate the lease value. The professional may also help you evaluate the contract terms of the cell phone tower client. If it has some glitches, the consultant will help you seek clarifications or request the client to change adjust the terms of the agreement.

The best cell tower expert knows that one should first streamline the business terms. The consultant needs to reach an agreement over the rent, terms of payment, and location of the cell tower before requesting the adjustment of the lease. If the cell tower consultant proceeds too fast to request rewriting of the cell tower lease, the client may cancel the contract. However, once you negotiate and reach a business agreement, it becomes possible to adjust the cell phone tower leasing contract once and for all.

Expect that the cell phone company will propose that you calculate the space they are leasing based on square feet. However, the towers often occupy small spaces that would acquire insignificant rental income. For this reason, you need a cell tower advisorto help you ask for reasonable rent that will give you a substantial income.

Know that you can negotiate anything indicated in the contract. Just because the cell phone company has come with a printed paper that has already been signed by the management, you should not feel pressured to agree to all the terms and conditions set. Read the lease contract thoroughly. Remember that the devil is in the details. You can negotiate for the adjustment of the access rights, rent, and the lease region, among other factors.

For more facts and information about cell phone tower leasing, go to

The tenants will have multiple experts handling the cell phone tower leasing deal. The property owner should also have a tower advisor at assist in evaluating the terms of the contract and negotiate reasonable lease rate based on the land value of the location. The Lease expert should also ensure that the property owner will benefit from the lease provided.

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