This didn’t make much sense to me.
Elise Bauman Snow

But the thing is, I am NOT good at poly. I’m succeeding at the relationships I have now, yes. But I have a number of past, serious relationships that went up in flames. Every single one I’ve had, actually, except my present ones. This was mostly, I think, because I made some very poor choices in terms of the character and stability of my partners, but I’m not going to say that I did everything right and my partners did everything wrong. So I don’t consider myself a success at polyamory. I AM poly. I’m also a spark chaser and a log burner. And I suspect many monogamous people have those two sides to them too.

By the way, if you don’t want people to take what you say as a binary, perhaps you should have reconsidered titling your piece “You’re either a ___ or a ___?” That sets up an absolutely binary choice. Language is important.

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