London Festival of Architecture 2017

Europe’s biggest annual architecture festival — returns on 1–30 June 2017. Heres everything you need to know

How often do you think about the fabric of our city? In the frenzy of our modern lives, we often forget to stop, and just look up. Buildings aren’t just somewhere to live and work. They are bound up with society, technology, politics, ideals, utopias and the power of humanity to transform landscape — for better or for worse. “In the end, the character of civilisation is encased in structures,” as the legendary Frank Gehry put it.

This June, the London Festival of Architecture rolls into town once again. Not much is known yet about the schedule, but get ready for a wealth of events: from exhibitions, installations, open studios, talks and debates, to cycle rides and guided walking tours across renovated London estates.

This year’s theme is ‘memory’: of people, buildings, places and experiences. London is a city of collective memory. Its history is alive: in old place names, the City of London’s medieval street pattern, and our London’s rich architectural heritage. Memory is fundamental to a sense of place: something that we cling to in the face of change, as well as a tool for architect as they attempt to shape the future fabric of our city.

Some of the big names who usually throw their weight around include the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Royal Academy of Arts and the V&A Museum, to name but a few. We can’t wait to heart the schedule.

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