Nuts and berries: sweet breakfast tartines recipe

Sweet doesn’t mean sinful: our foodie and nutrition expert shares this protein-packed breakfast tartine recipe

Bored with avocado toast, but still want something to keep you energised throughout the day? From Nutella to coconut yoghurt, Culture Whisper’s resident foodie Stephanie Achar’s tartines will give your day a sweet start, and a blast of vitamins. SWEET BREAKFAST TARTINES Here are a few samples of sweet tartines, full of indulgence yet perfectly nourishing. Always try to add protein to your snack or meal to balance your blood sugars. Here I am combining the fruits with nuts and/or seeds because I am looking for long-lasting energy and not rocket fuel that will make me crash in a couple hours.


Serves 3 6 slices of sourdough or rye bread (I used rye with sunflower seeds @bionaorganic)

1. Healthy Nutella (click here for the recipe), strawberries

2. Almond butter, blueberries 3. Almond butter, sliced apple, celery, walnut, caraway seeds 4. Cashew nut butter, banana slices, chocolate nibs 5. Rocket, figs, pistachio, drizzle of honey 6. Coconut yoghurt @coconutcollab, strawberries. EnjoyVegetarian; vegan; free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar


Foodie and nutrition expert Stephanie Achar has worked with Condé Nast Traveller, Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire. She is currently studying nutrition and has teamed up with Culture Whisper to create a series of seasonal, wholesome and delicious recipes.

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