In the reading “Place” by Lynn A. Staeheli the author explains the many ways in which place can expand and develop through different meanings. She expands on the different definitions of place. She categorizes them as a physical location or site, cultural/social location, context, constructed over time, and process. These are far more in-depth meanings then most people think of when defining place. The normal context of place would probably be considered the physical place or even what place you came in during a race. When thinking about my own place, I can expand my meaning of place and what my place has.

First off I defined place in a physical sense through the way that I described my place. With the trees, water, and worn sandstone. These are all physical attributes and descriptions. The physical makeup of my place really adds to the appeal for new people coming in. The physical beauty is stunning, making people think about that first.

When thinking about being in place. Or how my place works as a social or cultural place, all I can think of is that my place really doesn’t have any specifications of who can come or be there. Mostly it’s students and adults from the neighborhood. So I guess there is more of an expected social context.

Place as context would be how a place is seen and what kind of people go there. My place is within the Edgemore neighborhood making it a higher class place. It is generally safe and clean there and is well taken care of. So it is expected for people to be nice and respectful of my place.

Place as socially constructed through time would lend to its history. Clark’s Point doesn’t have a lot of history because before it had nobody visiting it for a very long time. And who’s to know what animals lived there as well as what people first found my place. There has been a scary event in my places history, the fire that engulfed some of the forest nearby. It is thought that someone set it accidently but no one knows for sure.

Finally place as social process, I think my place adds a lot to the human experience. It makes people relax, It makes them think and sit. It makes them talk with there friends and family and just have fun and enjoy the view. I think my place leaves people with a good feeling, a feeling of calm and appreciation.