Post #2 Place: Clark’s Point

I walk down the sloping sidewalk that hangs to the left as I head away from my childhood home. The pavement glistens with water and fallen leaves. Rain runs down past my feet racing to the drain. Ahead is a dead end, the road stopping in an awkward col-des-sac. At the entrance to the trail is a private road leading to private property. Before the trial was open to the public I used to walk through the forest to get there but now there are neat signs indicating where to go and how to act. I try to ignore them and head into the woods. The forest is welcoming, tall, and quiet. Evergreens, cedars, and madronas intertwined with ferns and fallen logs covered in moss cover the forest floor. Water drips down filling the air with the smell of damp and decomposing earth. The air is clean, the sea and the smell of cedar fill my nose, reminding me that I’m getting close. The rain filters through the leaves above me only to bounce off the hood of my raincoat. It’s quiet except for the sound of my feet in the wet earth and raindrops falling from above. As I walk along the trail I can see the light getting brighter; blue and grey radiating off the ocean. The trail opens up onto a lookout, I can see all the way across the bay, the islands stand tall in the backdrop of this scenery. Down below to the right I see the railroad tracks and the dark tunnel it disappears into. I look down over the cliff and see the water lap up against the worn sandstone. Little nooks and dimples in the rock show the wear of 100’s of years. A small madrona grows from the cliff’s edge, weathers and twisted from the wind. The water is bright and silver despite the overcast clouds. It’s just me this time because of the rain and that it’s getting dark. I usually come here with my dog, she’s old now so she can’t go on long walks as much as she used to so the walk to the lookout is perfect for her. She’ll get really excited and sniff the air, all labradors love the water. She can’t swim here but I think she likes the ocean breeze and sound of the waves as much as me. But sometimes I come here by myself. To relax and sketch the scenery. I’ve drawn this view so many times but each time the colors and the feeling is different. The ocean is always changing, sometimes the tide is low and i can see the small tide pools and kelp abandoned on the rooks. Other times the water fights it’s way up the high rocks, encouraged by the wind and energy of the sea. Misting the air with salt and water. Everything here works together and I love being here when no one else is around, it’s nice to feel like at a certain time a place is special just to you.