How to use Technology to Sustain Your Career

The last notable revolution was Industrial, and it started in the 18th century. It took us from a predominantly self-sufficient agricultural landscape to one of manufacturing processes, engineering and infrastructure. The advancements to society had previously been unseen — a time of celebration: electricity, light bulbs, steam engines, and motors. Just as the dot-coms defined the 90s, inventions made this period unique.

The internet is a wonderful place. It has provided us with a revolution, that will hopefully be taught in schools in a glowing light with regards to progress, knowledge, communication and of unbridled creativity.

Like our ancestors will have been cautious about advances in technology, we too still have an innate fear of change — it is far easier to stay in our comfort zone than to use our fear productively to fuel a transformation to embrace the challenge. However, if we fail to accept technological and social changes we can be left behind, and that can mean restricting our career potential.

There are countless examples of how technology has improved our home life — we can control our heating, the lights and security systems all at the touch of the screen of our smart phone, even when not at home. We can choose music from any era to be played from speakers in any room we choose; we can watch our children sleeping in their cots from downstairs or even from another country, and be alerted if they stir.

Technology can, of course, be used in business beyond the manufacturing processes evolved from the Industrial Revolution, the key areas of continual progress include:

1. Improved professional skills.

2. Enhanced knowledge base.

3. Cultivation of best work practices.

4. Extended collaboration on projects.

5. Improved communication skills.

6. Expansion of networks.

Have you thought though, about how technology can help you with your own personal career? Not the processes and the automated systems that have eased your workload, but the technology to ensure that your career is sustainable in an ever-changing digital climate. Technology is showing no signs of slowing down, and so it is wise to consider and train for careers in a technological role.


Once the domain of HR departments, you can now use digital self-assessment tools to map your career development program. Your interests, personality, skills and values can be gauged to help you realize your goals and objectives. You can be information that charts any skills gap in your resume, track progress, develop those all-important, and sometimes elusive, goals and objectives. They can even help you plan a strategy to achieve your dreams.


Technology allows a far wider landscape of possibilities: use it to access the most recent innovations and changes to your profession, trade or industry. You are able to see trends as they are forming and gathering momentum as they happen, rather than at a later date when they hit the mainstream. We live in an age where there’s a website, program, course or app for anything you want to know — no matter how specialized the topic is. You can enroll on an accredited online Digital Marketing MBA from well-respected institutions such as Concordia University Chicago, and truly extend your knowledge of marketing strategy and planning, mobile marketing and social media strategies, as well as digital marketing analytics. Smart successful careers are founded on an ability to embrace possibilities.

Increased contribution

Using technology to profit your skill set, ultimately increases your ability to contribute to your organization. By being at the forefront of advances, and having your finger on the pulse, it means you can be flexible, and are able to respond to market challenges and society changes. You are dynamic, and there is little more attractive to employers than an employee who can respond effectively and efficiently to demands of business. Increasing your skills and knowledge, and the speed at which you can contribute to business on either a day-to-day basis or on specific projects, ensures that you are indispensable to the organization. If you are a vital team member to one organization, you can bet your bottom dollar that other companies would like to benefit from your expertise.

Gone are the days where people had a job for life, you need to extend your expectations of what you can achieve. It is easy to fall into the trap of getting complacent with the technology that you use every day, but there really are great opportunities for you to use technology to ensure that your career is sustainable. Be proactive in your approach to career development, seek out ways to further your education to lay strong foundations for the next step up your career ladder, and most importantly? Enjoy it.