The Perks and Benefits of Working for a Major Corporation

Working for a major corporation has many benefits and perks that working for a smaller enterprise just doesn’t usually have. Whilst it is also true that working for a smaller company has a different set of perks, I’m just going to focus on the benefits of working for a bigger company. Whether you’re working in an office, the shop floor, or the warehouses, these are the reasons why I think working for a massive business will be in your best interest.


There is a theme running through the majority of these points: money; the bigger a corporation, the more money it’s got to spend on everything from pensions to healthcare. Living in Britain, this isn’t an issue due to the NHS, however in American businesses this is a major bonus. There are some companies in Britain, however, that will pay for its higher ranking employees to receive private Bupa care, but even small-ish businesses will pay for dental care or even go into partnership with companies such as Vision Express to allow their employees to receive free eye care … which is a bonus, because employees usually need to see to make the boss money.


If you’re the type of person who likes to coast through life, only exerting yourself when something you really care about comes along, then big companies are for you, as you can usually flow through them without ever having to do anything major. Smaller companies can’t allow this and there is constant surveillance; although, if you are completely useless, then you will be discovered and ejected quite quickly.


On the other side of the anonymity coin, is being spotted. Although big corporations make it easy to coast, it can also be easier to get a promotion or a raise, because the company will have more disposable income, you’re more likely to see an increase in your pay packet, but also if you’re good enough, you will stand out amongst all the coasters and mediocre.

Staff Trips

Another relation to the idea that big businesses have more money to splash around; companies will likely be more inclined to keep the mass of employees happy with finds for lavish Christmas dos and random nights out for the staff. Of course smaller companies are capable of throwing nights out, because there are less staff, but the bigger the business, the more money to throw around … there’s usually a free bar as well.


The UK government has now made it mandatory for every single company to provide pensions for its employees, but that’s not to say that all pensions are made equal. The bigger the company — and the higher you rise through its ranks — usually means the bigger the pension, especially if you get into an organisation that has anything to do with government, like Royal Mail or GCHQ.

So if you’re thinking about getting a new job or moving into a new field, then may I suggest considering the bigger opportunities. Big companies are usually always hiring, whereas it can be more difficult getting into a smaller company, but once you’re in to the major players, the only way is up.