7 Fun Activities That Make Jaipur A Popular Adventure Center

Jaipur which is renowned across the globe for its amazing architecture and rich cultural values has recently emerged as a popular adventure center among the tourist. Adventure activities here range from elephant ride to hot air balloon rides and much more. Also, many hotels in Jaipur offer packages which include several adventure activities and hotels in Jaipur near Sindhi camp bus terminal are known for such services. Some of the adventure activities are listed below:

1. Elephant safari in Amer: If you are a wildlife freak then elephants in the elephant village situated in Amer will not cease to entertain you. You can feed the elephant and also take a ride on this gigantic animal. Also, you can decorate the elephants by painting them with colored chalks.

2. Quad Biking: If you are into bikes and want to experience riding a fully automatic quad bike then head to Jaipur and quench your desires. You can take this quad bike on a trail that goes through lush green fields, sand dunes and jungle. The trail is around 2 Km long and offers the best of biking experience.

3. Fly in hot air balloon: If you want to experience Jaipur through a bird’s eye then nothing can provide you a better experience than a hot air balloon. The hot air balloon safari is organized by many operators located near Jamnalal Bajaj Road.

4. Indulge in Jeep Safari: These jeep safaris take place in no ordinary jeeps. All the jeeps are from World War II which has been modified to ride on dusty off-road settings. You can take a jeep ride which will also serve as sight-seeing tour as you have the freedom to make multiple spots at different places of interest.

5. Hike to Nahargarh Fort: One thing the adventure seeker cannot afford to miss is Jaipur is the hiking trail to Nahargarh Fort. Thise well climbing experience at the fort is one of the most sought after activity amongst the tourist. Also, the fort offers one of the best views of the city.

6. Experience Paragliding: Paramotor or motored paragliding is your chance to touch the sky. A ride in paraglide offers mesmerizing view of the city along with adrenaline rush. The duration of the ride may range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes and cost around 1500 to 2500 Indian rupees.

7. Flying Fox: Flying fox is another adventure activity which you can experience in Jaipur. You will be tied to 5 steel links at a good height and then provided a flying experience for around 400 meters in the air. The whole journey offers best of views of Jaipur.

Hence if you planning a visit to Jaipur do not forget to explore the adventurous side of the city which will surely leave you to spell bound. Also, Jaipur has country’s best luxury hotels and if you want good economical hotels then Jaisingh Highway Hotels Jaipur will surely not disappoint you. However, do not forget to make a reservation in advance.

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