Life lessons learned

  1. It is better to spend your free time out in the actual world, interacting and living life with people you care about and find new activities to do. Why spend valuable time surfing the internet when you can be out actually surfing?
  2. Become an interesting, cultured, intelligent, charismatic person you would like to meet. Stay fresh and progressive. Learn to adapt and accept that going outside your comfort zone is a way to broaden your horizons.
  3. Keep reading. Read. Read. Read. Read the news, stay on top of current events. Read books on finance, economics, history, philosophy, technology, international affairs, religion — EVERYTHING. And then, connect what you have read and apply what you have learned in class or in a book to what is going on in the real world. APPLIED THEORIES TO CURRENT EVENTS.
  4. Be confident — you are your own best cheerleader and friend. You are the main protagionist of your own life. The champion of your own story. You have your own identity — respect this part.
  5. Save your personal quirks and uniqueness — Your smile and energy are your charms — they personify your aura
  6. Life is all about building your understanding and experience. This is living.
  7. Stay sweet and spunky.