We’ve been working with the world’s top media companies to automatically tag their video assets for discoverability and higher engagement. They rely on us to extract not only what appears or is mentioned, but most importantly what is relevant about their content in order to really understand it. This level of understanding is how we outperform even the tech giants when it comes to content metadata.

When building a system for real-time scenarios such as live streaming, our partners were very clear that it wasn’t just about speed but also quality; real-time understanding, not tagging. …

Our NEW content recommendations allow publishers to fine tune our powerful algorithms with editorial parameters. No other recommendation platform on the market provides this level of control and flexibility.

Too often, recommendation algorithms are disconnected from your editorial strategy, focusing on clicks but missing other important things such as your brand, editorial input and unique identity as a company.

At Vilynx, we believe that AI should work for you, not the other way around. Vilynx AI-based Recommendation algorithms are designed to put your editorial team back in control.

Our Vilynx Recommendation Engine empowers your team to make smarter decisions and…

Elisenda Bou

CTO @ Vilynx

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