Sharing the tools we adopted at to improve developer confidence when dealing with routing paths

I remember the old days when I used to point to other pages or API endpoints using string paths, but this approach has a few flaws that can very easily lead to bad developer experience since it is unsafe because you may pass invalid parameters, it is hard to replace when a change happens and it is hard to remember all the paths your servers have defined.

Since the beginning our team has been defining every single path within Symfony’s routing maps in YAML…

Recommendations that will help you keep your sanity in check when developing React applications with a lot of forms

After two years developing React applications at, I think it’s time for me to share our experiences and the tools we adopted to make us more productive when dealing with forms. I won’t get into user experience in this post because I believe there’s already plenty of good content available.

Note: at the time of writing, the latest redux-form version was v7.3.0.

Wrap third-party code

In a large-scale project, it is very important to create your own interface for third-party libraries being used…

In this post I’ll show you why and how we use Redux in one of the back-end applications at

There has been a lot of recent fuss about the possibility of the new React Context API replacing Redux which can be possible for simple use cases but is much harder when you want proper debugging and side-effects management. Beyond that, Redux is a framework-agnostic tool that can be used in a bunch of different applications including real-time API servers.

At we receive thousands of reviews every day and all of them go through approval checks and might get flagged because of swear words, dodgy IP addresses, flooding and so on. After that, moderators need to manually review each…

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