Is there a better phrase that could be used?
Jason Michael

Hi Jason,

I thought about your issue with the phrase. There is a two fold answer to your objection. You, of course, have a right to your opinion. One, those who have a lifelong pattern of depression, are used to living in that place. I have known many people over my years that, when there isn’t a specific reason to be depressed, do in fact find a reason to be depressed. Living depressed can become a habit like any other. People with real depression can and do sometimes search for reasons to be depressed. I have counseled many women over the years that have been in this place.

Two, if you have never lived with depression, then you might be unable to see this is a truth. I have lived on and off for much of my life with varying degrees of depression. When I have not have a specific reason to be depressed, I have, at times, found one because I didn’t know how to live not depressed. It is an ongoing battle. I used the phrase from personal experience. Many days are challenging.

I do appreciate you taking the time to write something.

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