How I almost fell for an IRS phishing scam
Marc Hemeon

I normally don’t answer calls from unknown numbers, but I had been looking for employment, so took a call I didn’t recognize. It was an IRS scam call. The lady on the phone told me they had been trying to get in contact with me for months. That they had called me countless times trying to reach me to let me know about the back taxes owed from misfiling. What did I do? I informed her that if the IRS was really trying to get in contact with me, they would send me a registered letter that I have to sign for. This would prove I had been contacted by a legal agency and notified of an issue. I would be given a legal number to contact for verification purposes and called to an IRS office in my city. I didn’t believe the lies she was telling me.

She got madder and madder because I knew it was a scam and let her know I wouldn’t be listening to her. I told her more than once that if she was really with the IRS I would have been contacted through legally authorized forms of communication, and that they would not have been trying to get in contact with me for months. The IRS doesn’t work that way. After I continued to resist her attempts at convincing me she finally hung up on me. The IRS will never contact people that way. Its all done through legal channels giving them a clear line of documentation in case it has to go to court.

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