I just love the sentiments in this piece Elise.
Peter Leech

I was asked yesterday, at an appointment, how I use my photography in my business. They were interested in a quote on doing some family shots. I explained that, while I love photography, I am a writer. Everything I do seeks to support and aid me in my writing. That includes my photography. I have an upcoming photo shoot for an emerging band in my area, and the main reason why I am capturing the images is that I am their Website Designer and Content Manager. I Have been building their story for them. Its all about supporting what I am writing to show them off to the world!

On using photography to write about social effects on people’s actions, that sounds like a completely feasible line of investigation and writing. At heart many of us are people watchers. We examine those around us and try and figure out what people are thinking, doing, etc… They say a picture speaks a thousand words. I think you would find an audience interested in it, but you will never know if you don’t give it a try. I would look for publications here on Medium that have a focus area of that and see what other’s are doing. Not so you can repeat their efforts, but so that you can find your own unique niche. Good luck with it, and I will be watching to see what you emerge with!

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