I Need to Talk About My Miscarriage
ashley williams

Miscarriage has always been an uncomfortable topic for men and women alike. How do I know? I have had four miscarriages over the years, with my son smack in the middle. Every time, when it came up in conversation, people were very uncomfortable and I wondered why. It wasn’t them that went through it. Surely people can pass on some compassion to me and simply grieve with me in my loss? It wasn’t because they didn’t care, but they didn’t know what to say.

I have learned over the years that the best people to have conversations with about miscarriage are other women who have gone through it. I simply don’t bring it up anymore unless I have a very specific reason for it. I just don’t want the awkward moments. Having said all this…

I feel your pain, your sorrow, and understand. You have experienced a loss that should not be minimized or avoided in conversation. My heart breaks with you and I agree that this should be a topic that should not make others uncomfortable. We should all feel free to share our grief and have others help us walk through that part of our life journey. Maybe the first step is not avoiding the topic anymore. So, thank you for bringing it up, for shining a light on the topic and encouraging the rest of us to do that same. Honest emotion brings hope, especially when it is combined with with the desire to heal.

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