Silly Things Inspire Me to Write Outside of the Box!

Okay, I will be honest, this is my kind of silly! I love the minions. I don’t care that its a cartoon, they are made up, or that some people insist they are for kids. I went and saw the Minion’s Movie when it released in the theaters, and loved it! If minions existed, and could be adopted, I would adopt as many as I could.

Why do I love the minions so much? They make me laugh! The stories are touching in a weird way, and charming, and well, they simply make me smile to see them. Spoiler alert, the purple minions? They are scary funny too and my husband told me when he gave me a t-shirt of it, which I love, that they reminded him of me when I get up in the morning! Okay, I can roll with that!

Even as I sit here thinking of the minions, I smile. Their big yellow heads and bib overalls just crack me up. They do something else too. They inspire me. They inspire me to be creative, to dream, to not take life too seriously. They inspire me to enjoy the moments that I can, and learn from the hard things. Minions aside, lots of silly absurd things can and are sources of inspiration for me as it relates to writing. Writers have the ability to write about just about anything that comes to mind or within our sight line. For instance this little camera cover sitting on my desk. Its rectangular and is meant to be used on a camera attached to my computer. My camera is round. I would imagine the designer was thinking of monitors that have the camera built in, but a lot of monitors don’t have cameras. When you by a detached camera, most of them are round.

So, I just wrote about a silly piece of minor tech on my desk. Sometimes I sit here and look at the things around me and practice description writing. I start out basic, and get more and more detailed, and then more and more fanciful, and look at objects, thoughts, etc… and figure out different ways of describing them. This is really helpful for a couple of reasons. One, it expands my mind and gets me thinking about describing outside of the box. For instance, I have a cup of coffee sitting here with me on my desk. The cup is cardboard and the color is brown. It has a brown lid on it, and the lettering is white. Those are basic details. Another way of describing my cup of coffee is, the coffee has a slightly bitter taste to it. It is sweetened with two Splenda, but no cream. It was so hot at my first sip that I burned my tongue. Its a medium roast blend, so its not as bitter as a lot of coffees. Its flavor is actually pretty smooth.

Describing things well is important for all kinds of writing, but especially for fiction. I have been using a tool called Freed Camp. Its a project management tool. I started out using it for work, but recently I saw the potential to use it for the book I am writing. It has some cool tools that make its use really helpful. One of the things I have been doing is creating a library of descriptions for various aspects of my story line. I am using it as a digital story board. So, back on topic. Writers find inspiration for their craft in a lot of different ways. Sometimes its good to find it through silly things, because I can get so serious about my writing that I forget how much I love it. Writing is the ice cream on top of my brownie. It makes my heart complete.

I do a lot of writing across a lot of different topics. I do this to expand my mind. I do it looking for that spark of inspiration that says to me this might be worth sharing with others. One of my topics is silly, or absurd bits of info, fluff if you will, to help me think about things in an unusual way. Many of the things I have written will probably never see the light of day, but it sure helps me get my mind outside of the box when it comes to getting creative with words. Inspired by silly things. I am inspired by silly things all the time. I love it when some silly thing inspires me to be a better writer, but most especially reminds me to love what I do, and to be glad I can live out my dream.

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