The Party Wars

Philosophically Divided

Well, its almost here. V-Day. The day to vote. To take a stand, give voice to your choice. Social Media is hotting up even more as family and friends duke it out about who the best candidate is. I hate politics, but it is a necessary evil because we are too many people, and politics, though mostly broken, does bring some sense of order from chaos.

People are divided by many things, and one of them is philosophical viewpoints. The news is full of nasty ads about all possible contenders, and not just nationally. Its state by state too, as the election is for more than President. When watching the news during this time of the year, I choose my news via the internet so that I can get real news not all the candidate ads.

The party wars aren’t just against the other side of the aisle, especially this year. The wars are happening within the parties on both sides. Fellow Republicans, and Democrats are cranky with each other even more than normal about this year’s election. Them aside, as they are part of the political machine that is our country, I am more concerned about the general populace.

I was standing in the store a couple of days ago, and heard a couple of people talking. They were being really nasty about people who are going to vote for Trump. They were loud about it too. You expect to see that at rallies, and in venues geared toward sharing that kind of stuff, but in Target? Not so much. I have watched my own family hugely divided about this. Aunts sniping at each other about their choice of candidate and being flat out mean to each other. Cousins who played together as children, and now hang out as adults are not speaking to each other because something got said about who they are voting for, and the other person took great offense to their choice! Hello people, what happened to our freedom to choose the person we think is the best option for us?! Why does it have to divide so thoroughly?

We are a philosophically divided nation. We always have been, always will be, and we just do the best we can with what we have. Honestly the outcome of this election? Its going to suck no matter what! No matter who gets elected people are going to be mad, they are going to perpetuate the hate, and the anger, and we are still going to be hearing about the blasted choice we end up with for the next four years as people complain and spew venom.

So, how on earth can we disengage from this particular war? Well one of the things we can do is decide people are more important than shooting off an angry mouth full of our opinion. I don’t mean we shouldn’t have an opinion, or vote our conscience, but do we have to say the hateful words? Is it really beneficial to anyone? If I don’t like what you say, I can turn you off, so to speak. I don’t have to beat you about the head verbally because I don’t want to hear your opinion. I can listen to you, and agree to disagree without turning it into a brawl. Why? Because I care about you as a person. You have an opinion like me and we don’t have to agree about everything.

The party wars aren’t going to stop, and we will always have philosophical differences, but I don’t have to fight you about it. I choose to say my opinion only if I feel it might add value to the conversation, and to let it go if it doesn’t. I wonder if we all did this, how much less stressed and mad we might be?

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