Diary, 25.1.2017

Hi! I’m back. Actually I didn’t think I’d come here for another couple of days, because usually nothing interesting happens so quickly to me, but I’ve got some thoughts and insights to share with you.

You can do anything

Basically, business is providing value to somebody and getting paid in exchange. It’s pretty simple. Therefore, business can be anything that improves one’s life.

What I like about our time is that you don’t need a lot of money to start a business. When you have little to no money, you obviously have to start cheap. And you have to carefully pick a business to start. Make sure you’ve got your cash-flow planned so you don’t run out of money.

You could flip stuff you already own. Take the money from selling that, buy 10 iPhone cases in a dollar store for $20 and sell them for $10 a piece. Easy made $80. Now you can take the $80, make a custom e-shop, and sell these cases to hundreds of people.

The products you sell have to be unique, niche, something you can’t pick up at the nearest Wall-Mart. Generic products obviously won’t sell, so you have to find really cool stuff.

Random app idea (you can skip this if you want)

I have trouble meeting new people, as I would like to meet people with specific interests, which I can’t do yet. It’s really hard and hacky for now. You have to search through different platforms and none is as I’d have it. I think the app should be something between Tinder and LinkedIn, in a sense of having a great profile pictures, personality type questions, occupation and current goals on macro and micro levels. You could choose how much would you want to meet people currently. Local, worldwide or somewhere specific.

Say you are planning a trip to Bali, but you’re alone and want to meet people there. You’d love to know who surfs, eats pizza and drinks beer, so you wouldn’t be alone after an exhausting day catching waves. Making meeting new people effective and easy. This app would be the go-to meeting app, as Google is the go-to for internet search.

Let’s continue.

Business for the next couple of years

I was thinking something about warm places, sea, a beach and a cocktail. Sounds nice, right? What could I do? I could be a travel blogger-vlogger. I could review airlines, cruise ship companies, hotels, food, sightseeing places, parties and culture all over the world. But to start doing that I have to get a few things first. That would be a Mac, a good camera and money to survive while building an audience. Or, I could build an audience and then start that business. I’ll go with the second one for now, because I’m broke.

What about you?

Go crazy

Think about what would you like to do. Go crazy. It’s okay to do that. No matter how crazy an idea, write it down and figure out what do you need for that to happen. Then pick out your favorite idea and work in that direction.

Let’s review today.

The report

Today was the day I learned some stuff. Another day pushing me from my comfort zone. My cash-flow is hurting right now, I’ve had to borrow money for gas from my friend today, which sucks.

This friend who loaned me money has introduced me to a MLM business, selling perfumes, aloe vera products and some other stuff. Suggested profit margins are 40%, but we decided to sell a bit higher. This makes me €6,05 with each perfume I sell plus the bonus from my own team. The thing is that member-price for perfumes is €13,45, which is a bit high for me, starting from nothing, but I’ve got a product to sell, and a potential team that’d bring me quite nice bonuses monthly, so I am keeping this string open.

Oh, and I’ve got a nice request today — a friend asked me to teach him driving rules for a week, my price was €70 for 10 hours, so I believe we’re 90% through on that deal, which would be great for me. Also, I’m looking to sell my graphics tablet for €70–100 and a few more functional items.

The plan

Tomorrow I’m supposed to meet with this friend about the MLM business and driving rules lessons, and he’s supposed to get me a few customers for perfumes as he already sells them.

I also have to meet the friend who loaned me gas money and give him back the perfumes he also loaned me to show at my client meeting.

As I’ve decided to build an online audience, I’m going to work on a new Meduim publication and FB and IG pages.

Talk to you soon,