Dominance: No, you won’t

I ran up the stairs probably as fast as it’s humanly possible.

“Keys, keys, keys…Where are the bloody keys?!” — I thought to myself in the agony of thought that something could’ve happened to Mae.

As I tried to put the key in the lock, the door squeaked and opened. “Shit. My god, Mae!! Mae are you here?”

I nearly lost it. “The kitchen… No, not here. The bathroom? Not here either. Wait, what’s that?”— I noticed a red stain on the bath. “Looks like blood. Smells like it too. My fucking god, Mae! Where are you!”

I remembered how it always ended in the movies.

“The bedroom. Please don’t be dead… please don’t be fucking dead. What in the world is going on…”

Mae was sitting on the bed, looking out of the window. “What the hell? Why weren’t she answering?”


After a short delay, she swiftly turned to me and ran into my arms. Her eyes were teary.

“I’m sorry, Frank, I’m so sorry! Will you ever forgive me for this?”

“What are you talking about? Forgive you for what? I’m glad you’re safe. There was something written on the door below. I know I’m not mad. Something is going on, we have to leave. Let’s…” —I pulled her arm as she interrupted me.

“Frank wait… I know.”

“Know what? Let’s go!”

“The door. I know. I am so sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I love you Frank.”

The parquet creaked.

“Wha..?” — Frank looked at Mae perplexed.

His eyes slowly closed - after a shot of a strong sedative pierced his neck.

A tall, muscular man, dressed in a coat, held now sleeping Frank in his giant arms. Mae put a bag over Frank’s head.

“Let’s go.” — a deep voice mumbled.

“Just… please don’t hurt him.”

“You’re not in a position to make demands, agent Mae.”

Mae and the man took Frank out of the building, where a car was waiting for them.

“Oh Frank, what have you done…”

Thoughts were running through my head when Mr. Ginotti threw Frank into the trunk.

“Careful… please!”

“Mae, don’t overstep. You know the consequences.”

“Yes, sir. Apologies.”

“Get inside, let’s go.”

Mae got in the car. As they took off, all the memories of this place, everything they’ve seen, experienced, all the moments they so cherished, all the arguments, every word, everything among the peaceful yet alive little Parisian streets, had to fade. Frank won’t see it ever again, and neither will Mae.

Frank was right. Something went terribly, terribly wrong.