How do you respond to violence through design thinking?

An AIGA Chicago Design for Good event hosted by gravitytank

Through times of turmoil, distress and absolute heartbreak whenever we switch on the news after getting that “breaking news!” notification on our phone, there’s a couple things that always enters everybody’s mind:

How do I respond to this? Physically, emotionally, mentally…how do I let this affect my day and my perspective on X issue?

And when you figure out how to — when you REALLY search deep in and find the solution to settle your mind, there are some of us who have an immediate realization — I need to do something about it, but what can I do to help?

Violence is all around us. It’s that little devil sitting on each person’s shoulder who influences and convinces our actions to go against laws and break the rules. It’s the origin of pain, sadness and anger. And unfortunately, once it happens in one area, it can have a ripple affect across communities and individuals. As a designer, as a human being, what is it about design that can help not only bring awareness to this issue, but how can it prevent it?

The great panel gravitytank put together last week included folks from Cure Violence, Sunshine Gospel, One Summer Chicago and Allstate’s collaboration with gravitytank. There were talks of strategy, talks of the psychological effect of violence on kids and even how violence was seen as a disease in a science perspective.

At the end, one audience member asked, “Where do we begin?” which after a hefty talk, I’m sure everybody was thinking to themselves. And Ethan Daly of Sunshine Gospel put it so simple:

“We need to educate ourselves and reshape our perception on poverty.”

*enter PREACH emoji*

Thank you again to AIGA, gravitytank and all the wonderful organizations who took their time to enlighten and inspire us. You can pick up a hi-res printable, fully colored graphic recording piece I doodled during the event (shown below) here.

Created by Elisha A. Printable notes can be picked up here

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