What happens when you have 14 lettering artists & 5 photographers join creative forces?

A whole lot of talent. Introducing our very first artist launch. This post was originally posted on the This Type Love medium page.

When I first started this project, I was in it as a solo artist. Hand-lettering words I thought of to define the type of love I had in my life. It all started as a Valentine’s Day gift for my boyfriend and I eventually realized the depth of these words — they applied to every relationship I had — from family members, to my significant other, to my friends, co-workers and some times even random strangers.

This project started as my own interpretation of how love was defined, and I let others physically take those hand-lettered words with them and into their city of residence with the task to interpret it in their own way. Some found love in beautiful, ornate flourishes that decorated quaint houses in their neighborhood. Some found love among a huge mountain they were hiking on to express their love of the adventure.

There was this kind of magical moment in the connection between the lettering artist working on paper and how their art piece was interpreted by the photographer.

With that in mind, and with my curiosity building up, I decided to open the project to 14 lettering artists and 5 photographers.

I challenged them to create their own lettered words on what they thought love was defined. Was it a sweet kind of love? Was this type love strange? Was it magical? There was absolutely no limitations to their imagination. Their past experiences with love led them to their word(s) of choice.

And here we are today, with 50+ beautifully hand-lettered words. All ready for our photographers and YOU to take with you.

This project, although starting as a gift, evolved into something bigger. It has become a form of personal discovery to defining love in your own way. Because let’s face it, there’s really no right or wrong answer to what it is.

So take your eyes off your Smartphone during your daily commute; is there something that you’ve been missing? Something that you’re bound to see in a new light? Or maybe you’re traveling to someplace new. Look around and maybe you’ll come across a new experience that’ll resonate with you.

I challenge you to find what #thistypelove looks like in your city.

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