Love Will Be the Death of Us
Ian MacKenzie

As a story, a story to entertain people is good because it has a strong emotional charge.

But from the point of view of educational content or values, almost no use.

To discuss the issue of sexuality, first you have to work with the scientific foundations of human sexuality, and I’m not talking about sexual techniques that many confuse with sexuality. I refer to the natural foundation of human sexuality, as presented by the scientific desmond morris, in his book human animal. And even if it hurts the pride, it is true, are mere animals, nothing more and nothing less.

With the scientific foundations, if we can talk about human sexuality, and how it relates to what acontesido this couple.

1- Sexuality starts around age 12, and the propitious age to be pregnant for the first time is 15 to 22 years.

2- Our society, totally unaware of the above, and sponsors a sexual model that nothing takes encuenta, natural sexual reality.

3- Human pride, leads us to believe that because of the advances of science we can do what we please, without taking into account the nature.

4 Therefore, we do not allow children under 18 to have sex, but hypocritically acquiesce giving condoms in schools. Discarding the sexual needs of young people aged 15 and creating separation between sex and relationship. Also promote it after 30 years, women have children, after years of contraceptive use, which clearly has to have consequences. Humans for almost 200,000 years has lived about 40 years on average, ie 30 years and this “old” to the body and pregnancy. (They have wondered why they have increased birth defects and other ?, dawn)

5- only mention, male sexuality is different from female sexuality, man seeks multiple partners, women seeking more relationships with the same partner. That male monogamy, is a fairy tale, which also is against nature.

In short, what happened to the author, it is that human sexuality did not know, also nor knew who lives in an unnatural society, and therefore what happened.

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