Comey and Le Pen: Casualties of the War Between Neoliberal and Deplorable
Jesse Bogner

Chist Martenson, Robert Kiyosaki, Mike Maloney, Paul Grignon, Steve Keen and Charles Hugh Smith, are the great economic geniuses of these times.

In an interview with Chist Martenson by Mike Maloney in May 2017, he was asked: “What do you know about the allegations of Russian intervention in the government of Donald Trump?” Chist Martenson replied: I’ve asked all the people I know in the American government, and no one knows about that, we only know that something, or someone very influential, is moving the strings so that the subject dominates the political and news scene.

When we see this video, we can realize, what is really happening,

And with this document of about 1,850, we see how effectively there is a banking elite, who is behind all this. I would call it, the BANK PROTOCOLS FOR THE DOMAIN OF THE WORLD. Http://