AI Revolution 101
Pawel Sysiak

The best thing about this article is that it presents very clearly the problem we have NOW: we live in the XXI century but we have the political system, the educational system, the economic system, the legal system, the health system from the time of 1800, with some cosmetic improvements, but the system is the same.

The man example bringing 1800 to 2016, after marveling with scientific progress would ask: and why they are so stupid to have the same systems that we create in 1800? , if reality is now another.

Additional points:

Intelligence has a limit, and human beings are increasingly close to it, there is no infinite intelligence, is more like a horizontal asymptote, and we’re getting closer. Intelligence have a limit as this is developed based on the needs, and as you will see, material needs, are almost completely satisfied, missing only a large part of mankind to achieve, and why we have invented planned obsolescence to not accept that we have what we need (not what we want, as we always want more).

I recommend read our article biological evolution, where we clarify important points when it comes to evolution and development, as the Darwinian theory is partially discarded by modern knowledge, but no one before has dared to give official burial.

We do not need super smart AI, to kill human beings, our own ignorance are doing us the favor.

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