Multi-tenant IP PBX Solution and Its Benefits

In today’s world of technology, it is almost impossible to run any IT business without adopting the VoIP solution. The Multi-tenant IP PBX solution is the ultimate solution for your business. It offers a host of communication and collaboration features.

Regardless of your business sector, you can choose this solution for your business to reap the benefits it offers. The Multi-tenant IP PBX solution is a powerful tool which comes with a host of features. Some of the key features are listed below:

· Inbound calling,

· Video calling,

· Outbound calling,

· Auto attendant

· Call Routing,

· IP phone connectivity,

· 3rd party API support,

· Call parking,

· Call pickup,

· Dial by extension,

· Call transferring,

· Call barring,

· Call forwarding,

· Multiple protocol support,

· Multiple codec support,

· Web based administration,

· Extension group management,

· Voice mail to email,

· And many more

What is Multi-tenant IP PBX System?

The Multi-tenant IP PBX system is software based system that is deployed either on the server resided in an office or on the cloud. The features of the IP PBX solution can be different depending on the different businesses along with the basic features. It means if someone needs to get the additional features, it can be added for sure. If a business choose to use Multi-tenant IP PBX software for their company, it can be highly beneficial for them as multi-tenant IP PBX solution can be used to collaborate multiple branches which resides at remote locations. Since it is really easy and accessible to maintain this solution, businesses are nowadays considering this solution to enhance their communication and collaboration model.

The list of key reasons of massive popularity of the Multi-tenant IP PBX solution is briefed below:

1. Multi-tenant IP PBX system is a one-stop solution for any business:

This system provides a full-suite VoIP telephony features which are way beyond then simple calling. It provides all required communication and collaboration features to strengthen the business as well as cater in-bound and outbound call in highly professional manner. As it is a multi-tenant IP PBX solution, it can be installed on a main branch yet can be used for multiple branches.

2. Advanced features for collaborations and communications:

This system includes more than 50 latest telecom features. These features make the Multi-tenant IP PBX solution one of the most advantageous tools for your business. Also, one may use this solution to provide hosted VoIP services to businesses.

3. Get better ROI and management cost benefits with the Multi-tenant IP PBX solution:

As the Multi-tenant IP PBX solution is a software solution which is easy to use and maintain. Also, VoIP calling is cheaper than traditional calling. Since, the Multi-tenant IP PBX solution minimises the communication and maintenance cost to a great extent, businesses can get better ROI from the Multi-tenant IP PBX solution.

The Multi-tenant IP PBX solution has now prospered in different industries. It has become one of the most popular choices among the many different industries. Do you want more information? Contact us Now!

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