He is cold but graceful. Complete. She watches him as he touches everything along his path. She’s disgusted…”he’s full of himself!”. Ok, she’s intrigued. He’s kind, powerful in a gentle way but when his anger is aroused, he leaves behind destruction and disaster, sometimes death. He’s intense. He’s coming towards her. She’s frightened but strong. He sends a cold wind announcing his arrival. She faintly hears his rough voice “Nitakushika!” (I’ll get/catch/hold/you) He has never been turned down. She’s strong. Unconquerable. She digs her heels into the ground. Her stocky body and limbs are close to the ground. She’s ready. She won’t back down. She’s come from too far. He doesn’t know her. How could he. She’s not from here. “Uta do nini??” “What will you do”, she wonders. He was taken aback. She speaks his language? He covers his path with ice, everything he touches freezes in time but she doesn’t. She remains alive. He envelopes her, blows his cold breath towards her. Her exterior catches the cold but inside she’s warm. Now he’s intrigued. How? He watches her from afar, he loves her. He learns about her uniqueness. She won’t let him take the life out of her but she lets him gently hold her. He likes it. He adorns her beauty with his frosted diamonds. It’s time for him to leave. “Nita come next winter”. I’m coming next winter. I love you, ma Chérie!

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