Hexaplat — Floating Platform

We got tons of plastic thrown away every day. A lot of this plastic ends up in our oceans. It’s really bad for our ecosystem.

Hexaplat — 1,626m² hexagonal platform made of recycled plastic designed to be connected to other hexaplats and create a large living surface area in the middle of the ocean — floating islands
Hex Rim, Hex Base, Hex Floor
Hex Base — 6 arms, Hex Floor — 273 tiles

Easy to Assemble

“Sexhörning Läktare” —IKEA
Rim — 6 arches, Single Base arm

Cheap to Repair

Floor tile — 6 beams, Floor Mat
Base Arm — Main Arm, 5 Secondary Arms, 5 Arm Connectors

Hexaplat offers a new viable option to living options. Their modular designs aims to make it particularly easy to connect and disconnect them to create large haxplat floating platforms which can support many different applications and uses.

Hexaplats will be produced on site using 3D printers and raw materials fished out of the oceans. Hexaplat is made of diverse plastic compounds and molded into shape automatically and precisely.

Just using materials from the garbage patch alone could be enough to build between 5,950 and 127,500 hexaplats forming an area larger than Iceland and Guatemala combined.

Hexaplat — A work in progress
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