I find it pretty awesome that an asset worth over 16 billion dollars is being controlled and kept at a price of $777.77 (approximately) for several days.

The value of a single Bitcoin is a direct result of the price people are willing to pay for it. Investors, opportunists, business transactions, all supporting the price of Bitcoin at this peculiar price that we don’t see any other asset on earth behave similarly.

And the current price is nothing new in the Bitcoin world. Previously we’ve visited and stayed at $666 for a few days, a number of occasions, and lower figures since as early as I can remember with prices such as $3.33 have been part of the Bitcoin existence since at least 2011.

Why does the only true free currency, asset, on the planet makes an effort stopping at those price for a significant amount of time? How does this happen? The brokers could lose money, and yet it persists.

Are we as a collective are willing to pay the cost of holding the price of Bitcoin at these pretty numbers just for the sake of aesthetics? Superstition? Pride?

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