What We Never Hear About Heroin Detox
Cincy Exchange Project

I think this is the Best article I have ever read. As a recovering heroin addict coming up on my first year anniversary (Jan. 30, 2015!!!). I do a lot of my NA/AA online because I’m a working mother and I have to take care of me but also have other responsibilities. I was very fortunate to get put in jail and for my dad to come to me and say “are you ready to get your life back?”. And I accepted his offering of help and love. This piece brought me back and reminded me of exactly how I felt. Which is actually now a good thing because it keeps me aware of how HORRIBLE that whole experience was and how I never want to feel that way again. Also that I don’t have to feel like that anymore and that my worst day clean and sober is 100% better than my best day in active addiction. So thanks for sharing your experience it was just what I needed to hear today!!!!