Elissa Stallkamp — How to Start a Home Business with a Full-Time Career

Elissa Stallkamp has worked with American Capital as an Executive Assistant since 2005. After more than a decade in her career, she has learned to manage her busy schedule and to make time for both family and hobbies. Recently, she began a dog walking business in addition to her American Capital career, and she’s applying her business smarts to keep her schedule functional.

Elissa Stallkamp

If you think that you have what it takes to run a home business in addition to a full-time career, as professionals like Elissa Stallkamp do, you’ll want to study tips like those below to help you succeed:

  • Value Your Network — Remember that, despite launching your home business, your current employer and existing network are both valuable. Don’t burn your bridges and always stay in touch with professional acquaintances. This keeps your professional image intact. Plus, your boss and coworkers could be future clients.
  • Take Small Steps — The best way to succeed with your side business is to take it slow. Rushing the process can cause you to overlook key points and, often, it lands entrepreneurs deep in debt. Make a plan with several small steps, such as “order business cards,” and then follow it carefully and slowly.
  • Keep Your Goals Reasonable — Though shooting for the stars is fine, make your short-term goals reasonable. For example, don’t aim to make $50,000 in the first year of your business. Instead, endeavor to earn $50,000 annually in the next ten years and to break even in your first year.

Busy professionals like Elissa Stallkamp might make running a home business on the side look easy, but they work hard to maintain their schedules. Expect it to be a difficult, but rewarding, path.