Elissa Stallkamp — Professional Benefits of Volunteer Work

Elissa Stallkamp is a financial professional that spends much of her free time with her husband and daughter. Though her career and family life would be plenty for most people, Elissa Stallkamp also volunteers her time to help those in need in her area. If you’re considering volunteer work, remember that it also offers the following benefits to your own professional life:

Elissa Stallkamp

Social Skills and Networking — Volunteer work will force you to meet new people and, if you handle it correctly, it will allow you to network for your career. Meeting new people and communicating with peers from all walks of life will make you more likable on the job, too. Plus, if you network in each volunteer opportunity, you increase your chance of opening new career paths several times over.

Mental and Emotional Boosts — Volunteering will make you feel good about yourself because you help others and learn new skills on a regular basis. This boosts your self-confidence and your emotional state, which can lead to better success in your work life. Confident, emotionally-stable people typically advance faster in their positions.

Job Experience — If you don’t have time to seek additional job experience because of schooling or other work obligations, volunteer work can help you pick up the slack. Dedicating even an hour per week to a volunteer opportunity can serve as impressive career experience on your resume.
Consistent volunteers like Elissa Stallkamp rarely do the work just to benefit themselves, but there’s nothing wrong with being happy that the work will boost your career.