My job is one of the hardest jobs to explain to my 85-year-old grandmother. Really, it’s difficult to explain to most people I know. My grandmother, though, will occasionally ask me to tell her, again, what I do for a living. Often times, another family member has asked her what I’m up to these days and so to the best of her knowledge, she tells them I “help people use computers” or that I “make the internet” or that I “make pretty graphics.”

I don’t blame her for not really understanding what I do, though, because I’m aware that a…

It’s been a while since I put my best Nike kicks on and ran around a park. Though I have taken many trips to parks and playgrounds with my 3-year-old daughter and her friends, I have not been to the park to play with people my own age since before she was born.

That is until a few weeks ago, when EffectiveUI hosted a Field Day at City Park for its Denver employees. My co-workers and I ran around the field, played games that involved launching water balloons over a volleyball net with a bed sheet, shaking ping pong balls…

Elizabeth Steward

Sr. UX Designer // Design. Art. Motherhood. Pastry.

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