12 apps that showcase iOS 9

So, you’ve downloaded iOS 9, now what? Update all your apps, of course.

Though iOS 9 offers more subtle improvements, like better searches and time-saving multitasking features, developers are already putting Apple’s newest update to good use.

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From ad blockers, to games, to the first wave of 3D Touch-ready apps, these apps will help show off the best of what iOS 9 has to offer. Check out our list, below, to see a few of our top picks so far.

Much has been said about ad blockers in iOS 9, which have quickly become some of the App Store’s most popular downloads. 1Blocker is highly customizable, with the ability to specify exactly which sites and content you want to block, down to social widgets and certain font styles.

The BBC’s video app now supports picture-in-picture viewing on the iPad Air and Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 and 4.

With iOS 9, the Dropbox app gets more useful. Files stored in your Dopbox account are now searchable from Spotlight Search in iOS, so you can find files without ever opening the app.

The Dropbox app is also 3D Touch-ready for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Hold down on the app from the home screen and you can jump to your most recent file, upload a photo or start a new search. 3D Touch also allows you to get quick previews of the content in your folders from within the app.

Duet Game takes advantage of one of the more overlooked features of iOS 9 — a feature Apple recently introduced called ReplayKit. This allows you to quickly record game sessions from within apps and save or share them after you’re finished.

Unsurprisingly, Hulu was quick to roll out support for picture-in-picture viewing so you can multitask while watching shows from the iPad app.

Instapaper is now a multitasking powerhouse with support for picture in picture (perfect for those saved videos) and side-by-side apps. The app also added the option of setting Apple’s new San Francisco font as your default.

Microsoft’s Office apps were updated with multitasking support for iPads so you can run two apps, likePowerpoint and OneNote, at the same time. The apps are also searchable from Spotlight Search on iPhones and iPads so you can find messages form Outlook, documents from Word and notes from OneNote.

Pinterest is now searchable from your home screen, thanks to Spotlight Search integration. The app also got some neat 3D Touch support, including home screen shortcuts and pin previews.

You can now search for links and articles you’ve saved from Spotlight Search and use picture in picture to watch videos while browsing your saved links.

Apple’s Health app finally got support for reproductive health tracking in iOS 9 and Ruby is among the first to tap into this functionality. The app allows you to sync reproductive health information to the Health app so you can view it in the context of other aspects of your health.

Twitter was made for multitasking and that’s now a lot easier with support for the iPad’s new multitasking features.

Apple’s iMovie was given a major refresh for iOS 9. iPhone 6S and 6S Plus users will get 3D Touch and 4K video support while iPad users will benefit from multitasking features while editing clips.

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Originally published at mashable.com on September 19, 2015.

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