6 Most Overlooked Mistakes Committed by Ecommerce Startups

The e-commerce space is quite promising and competitive too, therefore building a successful ecommerce business is quite challenging. Making mistakes is common to humankind and these mistakes teach us the best lessons in life. However, in this fast-paced world you cannot afford to learn from your own mistakes. Rather, you should be wise enough to avoid the mistakes made by other startups. Here are few mistakes that ecommerce startups often overlook:

Keeping a generalized ‘About Us’ page

Get creative with your ‘About Us’ page and tell your story in an engaging way. Display pictures of the people behind your store so that people can know you and trust you. Also use a call to action on that page and include testimonials to enhance the trust factors. Give your audience ways to connect with you by integrating social media icons.

Not taking SEO seriously

Get your website developed from an e-commerce development company that develops SEO-friendly site for you. Although you have to be patient to reap the benefits of SEO but in the long run it would definitely help your audience to find you easily via organic search.

Dependency on paid ads

Too much dependence on paid ads can be risky! If any bigger player enters into the market and begins to invest heavily on paid ads then being a startup you would have to take the blow. Therefore, invest in multiple channels in order to open up unexplored opportunities.

Not having social validations

Social validations can work wonders for your e-store as positive user reviews can significantly influence shopper’s purchasing decision. If you have social media accounts then keep them updated; otherwise do not display them on your website. Craft a catchy email and send it to your customers asking them to submit reviews.

Having a single payment gateway

If you have only one payment method then it could be one of the reasons for increased cart abandonment. Considering customer experiences ask your ecommerce website design company to include multiple payment gateways which in turn would boost sales.

Lack of patience

Do not expect the cash to start rolling as soon as you open your e-store. Like any other business, youre-commerce business will also take time to grow.

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