The Cost Which Brings Profit Too

The app market has flourished in the last couple of years, as did the smartphones. Mobile app has become one of the marketing tools for retailers and has created a lot of impact on the businesses as well. There is an app for everything today, for every little requirement. Businesses invest in app development to generate more traffic and increase the revenue. A lot goes into developing an app.

Let us have a look at the costs that an app brings:


The functionality of the app is one of the main factors in determining its cost. One needs to figure out the kind of functions an app needs to deliver, the category it should come under and the kind of audiences it would attract. A basic app would not cost much, but may not even bring as much revenue. The cost of the app solely depends on its functionality and what it needs to deliver.

Number of platforms:

If the app is developed for multiple device types, i.e. Apple, Android, Windows Phone, Etc. There will be different graphic requirements depending on the platform and the production of separate graphic for each platform will increase its cost.

Social Features:

Including social features in the app subsequently increases its development cost. What is important is to define the type of social features that will be required to be included in the application depending on its customer base, and whether all of these features will be required in the first version or not.

Third-party integrations:

To enable a certain service in the app, it might require third party integration, which would determine the cost of the app development. Integration points will undoubtedly cost more money, however, it will save time in the long run. Depending on what the app is required to do, determine the third-party integrations.

Use of phone hardware features:

The ability to take advantage of the smart part of smartphones is what makes mobile applications unique. If the app requires to pull in features like GPS, location based functionalities, camera, accelerometer, etc. this would determine the cost of app development.


Just deploying an application is not enough; it even needs to be maintained. There is a maintenance plan that includes specific functions and features that helps the app to work better. It’s become important to keep the app up to date with the introduction of new trends and to keep up with the market. An old dated app will not be sued by many and its development goes in vain. Hence maintenance is one of the important factors determining its cost.

The above mentioned points will help determine its cost.

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