Web Navigation : Doing in Correct Way for Better User Experience

Navigation in a website is the most important element of all; it is like a roadmap to the whole website design. It plays a major role in website’s usability and user experience. Navigation menu improves the websites usability and attracts more users.

Here are a few tips for an outstanding navigation design:

Information Architecture:

The first step towards designing a user-friendly navigation is information architecture. This has to be brainstormed and strategized proper. Sit down and figure out the kind of features the website offers, what is most vital and what should be placed in the lower levels in the information architecture hierarchy.

This architecture, mainly includes the important elements of a website like features, user needs, site map, wireframe and testing.

User enabled technologies:

It is very crucial to determine the technologies to be used for the navigation design. It is suggested to avoid using Flash, Javascript, jQuery, or any other technology that can hinder access to the website navigation while building the navigation bar. However, while using these technologies it is important to make sure they are easily degraded.

Simple and user-friendly terms:

Use terms that can be easily figured out by the users. Links that have a complicated name which takes users a second or two to figure out will only be unsuitable to use. If a user needs to click on a link to figure out what the link leads to, will only create a bad user experience.

Keep the navigation design consistent:

Keeping the navigation consistent throughout the website contributes to a great user experience. A user might actually think he is on a different site if the design isn’t consistent. Ensure to use the same navigation model for all the web pages, this will help users know where to go and what to look for.

Indicate where you are:

It is very crucial to help users know where they are at all times. This can be achieved by changing the color of the page name, the background of the link or by simply turning the text bold in the navigation menu to make it look different to the rest.

Web conventions:

Web conventions make it very easy for the designers to work around their design. Besides, it’s all about easy to use and intuitive website navigation. Most users know that clicking on a logo will direct them to the home page; this shows what the users expect. Hence, it is vital to do so to give them what they want.

Last but not the least, the links for ‘Home’ and ‘Contact’ should be kept on all the pages to make the user’s life easy and to avoid any frustration.

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Originally published at freelancewebsitedeveloppateur.wordpress.com on June 24, 2015.