More Signs Emerge That Russiagate Is Dying
Caitlin Johnstone

Hi PeterDaou’sSexKitten! The name suits you!

I’ve been reading stories written by legitimate journalists over this last week covering the “complete bailout full on cowardly runaway tactics” that Congressmen Jason Chaffetz is pulling right now (I live in Utah )— it’s hysterically funny.

What a complete coward, lol! Do you wonder why Mr. Chaffetz, along with saying he has to quit congress because his wife is alone at the house now with their kids are in college and he just “suddenly realized” she might be sad being alone, then to top things off, he hurt his foot! He just can’t be a congressmen anymore, beginning immediately.

Hmm, wonder if it just might have anything to do with fact that Mr Chaffetz “KNOWS WHAT’S COMING”.

If you have any sense, we in Utah all know Chaffetz is a doofus, you might start waking up to that fact too.

Enjoy you future career as a sex slave!! : )

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