I can’t take this article too seriously, as it seems self serving… there is no real attempt to…
Ryder Spearmann

Your comment is legitimately hilarious, it’s full of the same kind of whiny self-victimisation that Laurie talks about. And before you begin whining again, that’s not an insult, it’s a fact.

Also a fact, calling someone racist isn’t an insult, it’s a call for you to change your behaviour to not be fucking racist. The fact that you’d think of it as simply “insulting” in a vacuum with no context is pretty telling. You call it irrational if only because you don’t seem to appreciate the fact that words actually mean things, they influence thoughts, feelings and actions. It’s a problem with a lot of the right really. Both calling on people to do things but whenever any criticism is leveraged at them they claim “no but it’s just words!”.

Read that then look at photos of UCB or BLM protests going unhinged… and then reconcile this for me… please. Projection is a nasty disease.
If the left didn’t have unceasing and insulting accusations flowing from it like an overfilled dam… if the left wasn’t openly advocating violence… then an article like this might have some point in existing as if it was aiming at something significant.

Similarly is your daft critique of the left. You think centuries of oppression by general population, consisting of laws to limit liberty, constant negative depictions in media, random one off attacks, domestic terrorism, aimed at minority groups is in any way comparable to a couple of protesters setting a bin on fire at a university. There’s really no words to try and explain away that level of sheer ignorance. Once again, that’s not an insult, that’s a fact.

The point of the article is that a lot of people, young white males especially, like to ignore the injustices of the world in favour of their own personal struggles. Then when they meet someone that’s trying to fight for something more than their own selfish desires they simply begin to attack, belittle and insult them. The fact that you disregard everything that was written and instead focus on your own feelings of “waah actually it’s the left that insults people the right are angels I know you are but what am I!” is a perfect example of what you disregard.

You sit here claiming that people going out and protesting, rioting, etc have no purpose in life and no goals. Instead all I see is someone who can’t see far enough past the end of their own nose to realise that things have gotten to a boiling point and a frustrated minority is trying to secure their place in society as equals in the only way left(hah) available to them, and they’re still being opposed by smarmy arseholes like you that refuse to understand how the world works. When you’re giving a perfect explanation of how the American right functions you call it “self serving”. You’re a fucking moron. That one’s an insult.


One week earlier, in Seattle, a Yiannopoulos fan shot an anti-fascist protester in the stomach.

Nice of you to leave out this example of right wing violence from your very balanced™ look at how the left is super violent and no conservative has ever committed an act of aggression.

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