The most popular PHP-frameworks in 2017

PHP Frameworks

We continue to talk about the most popular and useful tools for working with languages. This time we will focus on PHP-frameworks.



This framework was swift path from a promising up to one of the leading PHP-motion. A brief description is as follows: open source code, working with MVC architectural model, user-friendly interface, expanded functionality.

The last item is shown in the following possibilities:

  1. Support for third party modules, of which a considerable amount, which greatly extends the standard features of the framework;
  2. Contact Routing, which allows you to not waste time updating links when working — everything happens automatically;
  3. Design patterns Eloquent ORM, which helps in determining the strict relationship between the objects of the database;
  4. Automatic class loading. On the one hand, it reduces the amount of code because there is no need to write include …, on the other hand — the unused classes are not connected with all the ensuing benefits;
  5. Unit testing — the presence of a large number of tests to prevent layering of errors;
  6. database management system versions. If you plan to frequently update their product is immaterial — this feature allows you to not waste time on the same type of recording.

As you can imagine this is not a complete list of additional features that provide their customers with Laravel developers. For a complete list, visit the official website, or plunge into the world of the framework personally — you are sure to enjoy.



This framework, which has more than 11 years, shot to fame thanks to the relatively unassuming use of resources, simplicity, convenience, a huge number of documents, designed for developers of any level, the absence of restrictions. At one time, Laravel is beginning to develop as a competitor CodeIgniter, so that until recently it was a universal benchmark.

Despite its simplicity, like any popular framework, CodeIgniter have also have a couple of useful features:

  1. CodeIgniter Reactor great support community, including libraries, modules, templates and documentation;
  2. Templates to work with databases, which are very similar to SQL syntax;
  3. The possibility of caching on the server side;
  4. Using the package manager for quick connection of the libraries from the command line.

But of course from the basic idea of ​​simplicity and accessibility CodeIgniter is not going to retreat. So expect that this framework does it for you it is not necessary, although formally it is possible.



Despite the fact that the release of the third version took place back in 2015, it is the second version of Symfony alone holds the third place in popularity among the frameworks. The reason for this is similar to c CodeIgniter — speed and total simplicity. But that it did not go counter to the functionality, the user is prompted to select one of the 3 versions of the profile of the work:

  1. Standard Edition — to explore and perform common tasks. It is based distro Hello World Edition, which contains exactly one optimization script for later use in benchmarks;
  2. Symfony CMF — adaptation for developers working with the CMS-systems;
  3. REST Edition — Optimized for the REST-architecture (online stores, search engines, etc.).
  4. Stereotypically it believed that Symfony — is a framework for command line lovers. Indeed, built SensioGeneratorBundle interface will get you from one line of text to get a skeleton for your code.

From the point of view of national developer definite plus is the presence of the official documentation in Russian. It is worth mention that it is available only for the first version of the Symphony, but among the unofficial release and you will find translations of official releases, independent and high-quality documentation.


Yii Framwork

Yii in many of the rankings is presented as the main competitor of Symfony. Reasons for this really is: both languages ​​are working with a full stack, both the source code on GitHub, both of sufficient quality are design patterns. However, while you Symfony provides a model and a controller in MVC Yii realized full cooperation. In addition, the interface is much more convenient in Yii, code generation using a browser Gii element here is a little more powerful, and generally upon Yii will save you more time on the development and application will run a little faster.

nette Framework

nette Framework

Perhaps the most least known of the top the PHP-frameworks, which is surprising against the background of his 13-year-olds and opportunities. Here are some of them:

  1. One of the most productive PHP-frameworks ;
  2. Perfect for beginners, the learning curve is quite smooth;
  3. Powerful tools to help: Tracy — tracking error, Latte — fast and intuitive pattern generator, Tester — Utility to test the quality of your application in close to real conditions.
  4. Ability to work collectively on a single project, several developers;
  5. Excellent documentation, and friendly community (and not only in Czech).

In general, if you have not tried Natte — recommend, if found some shortcomings — sure to write in the comments.

in brief

The CakePHP — a clone of the popular Ruby on Rails, only focused on PHP. All the benefits are also similar.

FuelPHP — lightweight framework, has not received due recognition due to the lack of uniqueness and high expectations. As you know, in the real work for the worse this is not reflected.

Phpixie — one of the main “chip” of the framework is updated. No longer need to wait a few months a new revision. Found -> load the fix -> are working on. The principle about this.

The Free-Fat — very easy, very fast and very simple framework for developing quickly. Minimum foreign concerns.

Slim — this framework is easy to learn and start working with PHP, but virtually no demand in the adult professional world of the web.

Phalcon — an excellent framework with high performance, slightly biasing memory and file system. Minus — the project is quite raw with a lot of underwater stones Sea.

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