Elite IAS Provides the Aspirants with the best IAS Test Series

Elite IAS Academy
Jun 25 · 3 min read

Elite IAS is the leading name among the IAS coaching providing institutions in Delhi. The Academy is widely recognized for providing flawless coaching to its students. Apart from the perfect guidance and the highly competent study material, the Academy also provides fiercely competent IAS Test Series.

The IAS Test Series provided by Elite IAS comprise the Prelims Test Series, apart from the Test Series for the Mains. At Elite IAS, we fully appreciate that apart from gaining a thorough knowledge in order to maintain a tight grip over the subject, the IAS aspirants ought to be well equipped with sharp answer writing skills.

Needless to say, the students need a practice to develop answer writing skills for the Prelims, and the Mains. The Prelims Test Series 2019 by Elite IAS take care to equip the students with the upgraded patterns in the exam.

As already stated above, the answer writing skills for the Mains are not to be neglected. The Essay Paper, apart from other Papers in the Mains, requires excellent answer writing skills. However, it should be noted that writing an Essay in the UPSC exam is highly different from what you read in the Essay book of a school student. The Essay Test Series UPSC 2019 take care of this requirement of the IAS aspirants.

Besides, Elite IAS encourages the IAS aspirants not only to study hard, but also study smart! The Prelims Test Series 2019 offered by the Academy are designed in a highly competent manner so that the students can qualify the Prelims within the first attempt only.

But, as already stated above, the students opting for a smart approach, apart from studying sincerely, are more likely to score an edge over their competitors. Thus, after qualifying the Prelims, scoring well in the Mains gains a far greater importance for the students than what they might have thought of initially.

Most of the Papers in the Mains require well developed answer writing skills. And the Essay paper forms no exception. The Paper carries 250 marks. So it only implies that a well written Essay might help a candidate score well. And, it would help the final score go higher and result in a better rank than what it might have been otherwise!

IAS Test Series | Essay Test Series

The Essay Test Series 2019 by Elite IAS let the students sharpen their essay writing skills. They get to know the requirements of how to write an Essay for the UPSC exam.

The point to be noted is that answering the Test Series, be it for the Prelims or the Essays, transforms an IAS aspirant into a disciplined learner. And that makes up for the actual SMART approach that we, at Elite IAS want our students to opt for. The Test Series also help the students make a self assessment. They get to know how far have they reached while preparing for the IAS exam. And in case, they have been lacking somewhere, they may opt for a well devised strategy to convert their weaknesses into strengths!

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