2016 Toronto Pool Renovation Ideas To Fit Your Budget

Swimming pool brings an exquisite additive element into everybody’s homes. It merely gives the unexplainable satisfaction when homeowners decide to install one. Thus, people are making this installation a priority than other parts of their houses.

There are three categories in which we describe your pools. It can be public, semi-public and private. No matter how perfect your pool is built, there will always come a time when you need to upgrade and renovate it. Now, the main goal is to introduce you some swimming pool renovations Toronto.

Idea #1: New pool shape- This could be the most exciting and creative idea when you do your renovation. What you can try is to create a larger swim lane by extending its length. You can also add curves to your rectangular pool or make it smaller while creating more deck space.

Idea #2: Re-do pool deck- If you want to manifest a dramatic effect on your entire background, you can choose paver designs for your pool deck. Replace your pool decks as well as vinyl liners into a more refreshing and interesting look. You can try choosing patterns that incorporates shells and stones.

Idea #3: New pump and filter- Upgrade your 15-year old pump and filter into a dual speed pumps. Ensure the quality. The most common replacement items are the valves. So, try changing it to 3-way valves that simplifies plumbing and easy to use.

Idea #4: Salt water system- Consider the new trend in pool renovation which is the salt water system. This gives a refreshing effect on your visitors plus a low-cost maintenance. The cost of chlorine might kill you but salt water will save you in the long run.

Idea #5: Water features- Breathe new life into your swimming pool by adding the sensuous sound of falling water. This can enhance swimming experience around the area. You can try installing an elegant and refined laminar deck jets or wild and natural cascades over boulders. Just keep in mind that adding extra features will surely cost you.

Idea #6: Add a slide- It’s never a new thing for us, slides. Adding another slide or changing it will give more excitement into the overall look of your pool. But, before you install one make sure you know scientific details about waterslides. Furthermore, just make sure you have enough deck space when you put a new slider.

Idea #7: LED pool lighting- Swimming pool renovations in Toronto will not be completed without this energy-efficient strategy. You can install LED lights underwater, sides of the pool or add LED lamps. This dramatically adds deep hue into the pool as well as expressing glamorous ambiance into the area.

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