Stay Healthy Even while Drinking Water When You are Travelling with Alkaline Jug

With rising pollution and threat to your health, skin and hair, it has become immensely important to bring in some health care products that can promise you a safe water and environment to keep you healthy and fit. Alkaline water jug is one such health care product offered by leading suppliers that can promise a healthy and safe life.

The best part of this product is that it can be carried to places due to its portable and durable nature. The portable jug is of high use especially when you are travelling to distant lands. While travelling to places, including the remote places, you often have to suffer from diseases caused by unhealthy drinking water. Water borne diseases are quite common, especially when you are travelling to places where you are not accustomed with the water. So, in such places, it is better to carry an alkaline pitcher as this can safeguard from all kinds of micro-organisms and pollutants that are not visible to naked eyes.

Let’s take a look at some of its features

· This pitcher consists of small water clusters that hydrate your body almost 3 times than the regular water
· This supplies essential minerals to your body like Mg, Na, K, Ca, etc. thus making it healthy
· It contains hydrogen in abundance that is used to remove active oxygen from the body which is quite harmful
· It helps in dissolving and excreting wastes from your body thus clearing your guts and offering you healthy digestion

The important benefits of using this jug are:

· This pitcher can supply essential minerals to your body to aid in metabolism
· It enhances the taste of the water. Hence, you would not have the problem of drinking odd tasting water when you are out of your city.
· It flushes out the acids from your body making it healthy devoid of any toxins
· It helps in preventing constipation by increasing the bowel movements and clearing the intestines

How does it function?

· This mineral water jug contains coarse pre-filter that helps in restricting the visible impurities from entering the filter bed.
· A fine mush of polypropylene is there that hinders the smaller particles and sediment from entering the filter media. It prevents the particles from blocking the filter media.
· It contains activated carbon granules that work as a magnet, thereby attracting chlorine and other organic compounds.
· It contains alkaline ceramic balls that help in flushing out the toxins and acidic metabolites.
· The ceramic balls contain hydrogen that removes active oxygen
· They transform the water into safe and drinkable alkaline water
· They dissolve acidic wastes present in the body and releases in the form of excreta

Hence, this jug is very effective to promise you safe and healthy drinking water, while you are travelling. Get this product from renowned brands to get the best benefits of using it.

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