Easy Guide: Buying a Fixed Frame Projector Screen

With the increase in popularity of projection screens, the market is now flooded with a wide variety of choices. You can find a number of types of projector screens with different specifications. These screens vary in features, sizes, and styles to suit your specifications. One type that is increasingly popular is what the industry calls a Fixed Frame Projector Screen. These screens are permanently affixed to a frame or support structure and a commonly mounted on a wall they feature a firmly tensioned, ultra flat and smooth viewing surface. The hassle free use of these projection screens is a reason they are becoming more and more popular for home theater use. If you are planning to buy a fixed frame projection screen for your home theater, I would like to provide a few points that you should consider.

Fixed Frame Projector Screen

Size of the Screen- When you are buying a screen for your home theater room, I strongly suggest that you measure twice before moving forward. You will find many options available and many things to consider but a good point of reference is to buy a screen big enough to create a home theater experience. A 120" diagonal size screen is a good size for most home theater rooms of course if your space can accommodate a larger screen — I say go for it!

Screen Aspect Ratio- Another important thing to consider is the screens aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is what they refer to when talking about the overall shape of your screen. I would highly recommend a 16:9 or 2.35:1 for home theater use, of course you may still find 4:3 or 16:10 available in fixed frame style, but most will be in the 16:9.

Budget — Is most definitely an important factor when looking for a fixed frame screen, since you find all sorts of prices from a couple hundred dollars and upward. As a good rule of thumb your screen should not exceed the price you spend on your projector as it is made to enhance its performance. Always buy from a reputable source that can back their product with either a warranty or one that provides shipping loss insurance, this will save you headaches in case something happens to your investment.

The great thing is that there are many reputed companies out there that can help you with a broad variety of home theater projection screens. You can go for a detailed search, and can find a reliable company that allows you to buy a Fixed Frame Projector Screen at very reasonable prices. — GOOD LUCK!

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