Tips For Picking Up The Right Portable Projector Screen

Are you working very hard on your office presentation, and it still is not being appreciated by your boss or colleagues? If yes, then it is the time to elevate your presentations with the use of a projector and screen. Today’s technology allows for many ways to create a real impact often with a true “wow’ factor. With minimal effort you can bring a true to life image with size, colors, and sound that will captivate your audience.

What is great about projection technology is that you can easily pair with various projections screen styles. A good thing to consider for office or educational presentations is a screens’ portability, size and screen material. A portable projector screen can vary in style, shape and functions.

Large Portable Projector Screen

Here are some things to look for when you’re in the market.

  • Location of use, as this will determine the size limitations. For example a banquet room or hall may allow Large Portable Projector Screen but a small conference room may best be combined with a table top projector screen.
  • Size, most portable screens will allow for a multitude of sizes/aspect ratios but it a good idea to know what the maximum size of your screen will be when fully extended. As a good rule of thumb go with the largest possible size this will ensure that you get maximum return on your investment.
  • Operation, since many screens do come in your choice of manual or electrical operation. If you have access to electricity in your presentations this is a good alternative to manually operating and setting your screen. This of course does have its drawbacks as electrical screens require more care and attention, and can get damaged easier during transport.
  • Screen material make a difference. Make sure the projection screen you are selecting has a surface that works with your projector and environment. For instance an auditorium may not have as much control over lighting, so an ambient light material may work best, but an office room may be best suitable for a white material screen.

If you are ready to take the plunge and really make your next presentation memorable and are considering a good portable projection screen, then we would suggest buying from a trusted company. Many can be found online with a simple search, make sure to do some research and if possible contact them for further information. This will also reassure you that they are reliable.