Varieties of Projectors Screens and its Features

Projectors are in high demand for its terrific video and picture quality. There is variety of option available in projector screen. Before you decide to buy one for you, it is important to consider your requirement. Different screens have different features and you should know what will suit your home theater best, before you put on your shopping shoes. Below are various types of projector screens that you can choose from.

  • Home cinema projector screens- These screens produce image on the screen by sending lights across the room. The viewable screen is central to the eye. These are available in different types such as DLP (digital light processing), LCD (liquid crystal display), LED (light emitting diode) and CRT (cathode ray tube).
  • Portable projector screens — These screens are a perfect option for occasional use. You can carry these screens easily from one place to another. These are easy to use and are usually carried in foils. This foldable screen can be set up without any tools.
  • Manual projector screens — These screens are operated by simply pulling down the screen by hand. These types of screens are affordable, more portable and usually smaller in size than an electric projector screen. They are considered to be appropriate for classrooms, conference rooms and home theaters.
  • Electric projector screens — These screens work on a motor. You can roll and unroll the screen with the touch of a button. The motor makes it more comfortable to use than those screens that need to be pulled down manually. These electric screens can also save space of your room as it can be rolled back into its casing when not in use.
  • Fixed frame projector screens — These are permanently fixed screen. It comes with a molded frame and is flat in design. These are an ideal choice for home theater and boardroom usage. It also allows you to place speakers behind the screens that give excellent cinematic experience. These are available in different sizes and are very easy to assemble and install.

There are number of companies available in the market offering varieties of projector screens. You can easily choose the one that completely suits your needs. Also, a simple search on the internet can give you a long list of reputed companies that offer screens made up of high-quality materials. You can choose a good online company for buying an appropriate projector screen at affordable prices.

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