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Jun 27 · 2 min read

How gratitude can help you forget about yourself.

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“Humble pie son, remember to eat your humble pie.” -Mama Ross

I’ve been privileged to grow up in a home surrounded by love, support and humility. Humble beginnings are something I’m very familiar with as the first high school graduate in my family. As I approach forty years old I’m gaining more of an appreciation of how my mom and dad used our struggles to teach the lesson of gratitude.

There were lots of times as I kid I didn’t have lunch money (thanks to kind lunch aides I’d eventually eat) or was invited out and went with no money. My always present and thoughtful mother would tell me, “You can go, but remember to say thank you. Especially if someone feeds you.” Upon returning home she’d quiz me and say, “Did you say thank you? Are you sure?” It was annoying then, but little did I know she was instilling in me the importance of appreciation.

Our struggles as a family were inescapable whether it was no gas, no heat, a repossessed car or the occasional eviction. Through it all my mother would always sing and pray forcing us to be grateful for a situation that “could always be worse” according to her. It angered me mightily as a know it all teen, but it humbled me. My mother never let us feel sorry for ourselves; and always taught me to give away the little I had if someone ever needed it more.

I spend a lot of time with my parents now, so I get to hear stories of the struggle they went through raising my sister and I. A seventeen year old girl with a ninth month old baby meets an illiterate immigrant from South America and turns nothing into a little something. Six years later I came along into a family full of love, support and humility. Gratitude like everything starts in the home. There were no silver spoons growing up, but there was always gratitude.

I appreciate you for reading. Stay grateful.

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