Transform the ever-growing and lucrative Boda-boda transport industry by ensuring safety and security

Being an entrepreneur is no easy task- infact it is the most difficult and the most fulfilling job in the world.
Granted, you make millions once your startup takes off and we mostly seem to focus on that, but what we forget to acknowledge is the years of hard work and perseverance that went behind making that success story.

I am one of those Kenyans dedicated to solve problems with passion and entrepreneurship as the main building blocks. Originally a Boda Boda rider with a huge desire to learn and grow, many students dropped out of school because of a highly young unfortunate life and end up seeking boda boda jobs .

As a person dedicated to growing despite all the odds being stacked against them, i decided to focus on the Boda Boda business. And this soon became my passion. And this was going fairly well until 2016 when a close friend of mine lost his life during motorbike robber and theft. This was the wake up call for me to dedicated my life to road safety for boda boda riders and users.

Having witnessed quite a number of motorbike theft on the roads, i decided we had had enough and would be the first to do something about it . A Boda Boda is essentially the primary source of income for the Boda Boda riders in Kenya.

Kenya and it’s complicated boda boda story

In Nairobi or in any corner of this country, you do not need a map. You need a boda-boda. Name your destination rest assured to reach your destination as fast as you can. You don’t have to be afraid of the dark; all you need is a trusted one that will take you safely home.

Boda-bodas are the backbone of public transport in Kenya and without doubt, the fastest way to get around the capital city, Nairobi. The boda boda motorbike taxi is a staple used by all sectors of society.

Traditionally, the usual way of catching a ride was to venture into any street corner packed with tens of boda bodas or simply waiting for one to pass by.

boda boda awaiting for customers

Getting one, is one thing but reaching your destination safely is another. Safety has long been a concern for those riding boda bodas as the bikes are a leading cause of death and head injury in Kenya.

But now, a new local startup Reeltam Solution Limited is bringing this classic mode of transport into the technological age by providing the ability to hail a boda boda at the click of a smartphone all thanks to Reeltam and our team.

How SafeBoda started

Reeltam Solutions LTD introduced a functional GPS Tracking Device that is affordable to Boda Boda owners in Kenya. Once fitted by a technician, the owner is able to remotely monitor and reposes the Boda Boda incase its stolen through an SMS , Android App and WEB. Tracker has been designed to integrate fully into the motorcycle circuit making it impossible to move the motorcycle if the tracker is ever removed before stolen. We have designed the most reliable trackers for Motorbikes, and we have made sure that it is affordable to the owner of a Boda Boda. Our interface is user friendly, making it easier for our customers to operate. Because of this, i got raving reviews along with countless referrals and recommendations.

The Impact of SafeBoda

The Reeltam Solutions LTD Innovation has encouraged easier, safer and more organized transportation around the city. As a matter of fact, there are no less than 10,000 trips every day and well over 600 trips on the app each day. As of 2017, over 800,000 Boda Boda riders had safer rides with 40% and 70% reduction in the likelihood of motorbikes theft and robbery. The riders are also enjoying a 30% improvement in their revenues especially with the financial inclusion that the the Reeltam solutions innovation has created.

My goal is to connect every Motorbike in Kenya to us as well as help them grow their revenues by enabling them to operate without fear of their motorcycles being stolen.

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