How Apple can fix 3D Touch
Eliz Kılıç

I have been getting a lot of positive response for Force Decorators idea. But there are some questions I would like to address here.

How is this different from right clicking on computers, we just know we can right click on stuff?

First and formost, I don’t think ‘we just know’ what can be right clicked, we learn it by using the computer and right clicking on stuff. And we expect similar looking things to act similarly when we do. For example look at the screenshot below:

Places that does not accept right click is marked red

As you can see, almost all places on the screen accepts right click, which is not the case for 3D Touch. Now lets look at the places that produce the same context when right clicked:

Places that has the same behaviour when right clicked are marked same color

As you can see similar things act similarly, which is the expected behaviour. That is missing in 3D Touch. Exactly same looking 2 buttons has different outcomes.

Wouldn’t it get cluttered if we put indicators everywhere?

I agree, it would. For example home screen icons should be omitted. We understand text links without an underline. So the same thing applies here. We don’t have to put it everywhere, we need to be consistent though.