My Quiet, Mostly Disgusting Adventures With Natural Deodorant
Edith Zimmerman

Edith- I HAVE to tell you that I also went on this extravagant adventure and felt you on every step of the way. On a whim (before I read this article), I saw the Schmidt’s/Soapwalla natural deodorant on sale somewhere one day so I said what the hell, I’ll try it- can’t be worse than the other brands I’ve tried. So… I fell in LOVE because it actually worked AND comes in a neutral scent since I usually go for something either unscented or something super plain like vanilla. However, upon using for a couple weeks, I noticed (this is embarassing but whatever, you put yourself out there so I will too) it would occasionally give me ingrown hairs in my armpit, ones that are like way under skin and felt like a bruise in my armpit (yeah, ow). Did/have you had something like that happen with this, or any other, natural deodorants?? I love this deodorant except for the obvious reason! I was originally looking for an article by someone that experienced what I am experiencing and while your article didnt discuss my issue, I was pretty entertained and felt like we definitely share similarities in this weird search for the perfect natural deodorant lol. LMK if you have any helpful info, thanks!


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